Red Cow

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How do you feel about intimate relations? Speak freely, dont hold back. I think its the highest connection between two souls. Bennys hair is as red as the fur of her devout fathers treasured calf which he believes will bring salvation. But the 17-year-old feels as lonely and trapped as the calf in its enclosure. Bennys mother died giving birth to her, and she grew up alone with her caring yet patriarchal father. He is a figure of authority and a mentor for many people in their Jerusalem religious community. Benny becomes increasingly critical of her fathers religious, utopian nationalism and then theres Yael, the self-confident young woman who has set off a whirlwind of longing and emotions in her. Avigayil Koevary powerfully portrays the defiance and desire of a young woman in Tsivia Barkai Yacovs debut feature film. Special Features: -Trailers