Retinol Serum for Face Anti Aging Serum (1Fl.Oz/30ml)

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2023 New Formula
DEBAIY Retinol Serum provides deep hydration and moisturization, repair and anti-aging, leaving the skin plump and supple.

NOTE: Light avoidance and night-time use. Causing the skin to darken due to retinol easily broken down by ultraviolet rays from light.

The presence of retinol, beta-carotene, and Centella Asiatica extract helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, Soothes and potentially aids in skin healing, making it suitable for sensitive or irritated skin. Contains hyaluronic acid, retains moisture for long-lasting hydration and improves the overall texture of the skin. Improve skin texture, and provide antioxidant protection.

Adhere to a healthy routine & diet, and daily-bedtime use of DEBAIY serum. Delays skin aging and gives a baby-like complexion.

DEBAIY Retinol Serum Benefits:
- Activates skin, improved skin cell turnover and repair
- Promoting smoother skin
- Lightens Wrinkles
- Smooth Fine Lines and Shrinks Pores
- Deeply Moisturizes the Skin
- Hydrates and Revitalizes Skin
- Anti-Aging

Perfect for most people's Skin:
100% natural ingredients that moisturize and dont irritate the skin.
Refreshing and non-greasy.

How to Use:
Wash and pat skin dry.
If using a toner, apply it at this step.
Take 2 drops or 1 tube amount of this serum to face, neck and dcollet.
Follow up with a moisturizer of your choice.
Can be used daily-bedtime use.

How to Store?
Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Keep away from children.

Have questions? Concerns? The DEBAIY Team is available 24/7. Contact us any time for any issue and well do our best to help!