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About the brand - "Yaara Tea Ceylon" a group of like-minded tea artisans rooted in Sri Lanka, with a mission to make the world-renowned "Ceylon tea" accessible & affordable to the world in its purest form. Earl Grey - Savor the light and refreshing taste of our premium Earl Gray tea. This fine blend unites the full-bodied black teas from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) with a touch of citrus bergamot oil from Italy. While Earl Grey Tea leaves possesses the delicacy and nuance of flavor to be enjoyed on its own or with a dash of milk, it is also beautifully accentuated with a slice of lemon and pairs well with a buttery morning pastry, or as an afternoon pick-me-up. How is Earl Grey tea made, This caffeinated black tea is flavored with bergamot, a citrus fruit from Calabria, Italy, that is grown throughout the Mediterranean. This tea is usually made by mixing Ceylon black tea, with either bergamot peel or bergamot oil. Preparation "to make the perfect cup of tea" 1. Boil - Freshly drawn (filtered if possible) cold water in the kettle, and raise the temperature to the point of a perfect 208F 2. Scoop - a teaspoon of fresh Teasta Earl grey tea into a warm pot (pour freshly boiled water into a teapot and swish it around. Then discard the water.) 3. Pour - Hot water over tea, cover the teapot and allow the tea to sit. Steep black tea for approx. of 2 - 4 mins (If you like a stronger cup of Earl Grey, brew more tea instead of steeping longer. Longer brewing can make your tea bitter.) 4. Strain - tea leaves and pour into a teacup, add milk sugar, or lemon as desired and enjoy


  • Perfect Blend - Black tea loose leaf earl grey handpicked directly from a single estate, infused with natural bergamot oils to ensure the perfect cup of Earl Grey tea loose leaf
  • Premium Black Tea - Loose leaf black tea sourced directly from Ceylon, honey-golden and light in texture with a distinct flavor and aroma that is enjoyed hot or cold (iced tea)
  • Health Benefits - Bergamot orange helps boost immunity, whilst black tea protects oral health, elevate energy levels (moderate caffeine) & boasts anti-inflammatory properties that improve digestion (alleviate gastric problems)
  • Yaara Tea Ceylon - Sri Lankan rooted tea artisan, with a mission to bring affordable premium quality Ceylon loose tea leaves to the world in its purest form
  • Money-back Guarantee - Our values are rooted in providing high-quality tea, if you aren't enjoying our product, please let us know and your order will be refunded