Helas Pour Moi

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Jean-Luc Godards Hulas Pour Moil (1993) is a provocative film about faith and desire starring Grard Depardieu. Inspired by the Greek myth of Alcmene and Amplitron, it investigates the story of a god inhabiting the body of a man to experience the pleasures of the flesh. The incident is told through the eyes of a publisher, Abraham Klimt (Bernard Varley), who is interviewing the inhabitants of a Swiss village regarding the strange story of Rachel (Laurence Maliah) and Simon Don adieu (Depardieu). One summer Simon leaves on a business trip, but soon after a doppelgnger arrives in the village purporting to be Simon. He appears to be a god in human form, and he pursues Rachel in a series of philosophical seductions that explore divine and physical ecstasy. One of Godards most beautiful films (shot by DP Caroline Champ tier), Hulas pour moil is a thought- provoking and sensuous work of art. Audio commentary by film critic Sam Dhegihan / Booklet essay by film critic Jordan Crank / Trailers